14 de junho de 2013

Artigo recomendado: Live related Liver Transplantation, Intra operative Anaesthetic Management - Our Initial Experience

Dr. Vasanth Rao, Dr. Mohd Rehman, Dr. L. Talwalkar, Dr. S. Anand, Dr. C. Ann, Dr. Vasudev, Dr. Steve Dunn, Dr. Philip Thomas, Dr. Ashley D’cruz

Indian J. Anaesth. 2004; 48 (3) : 208-211

Live related liver transplatation is being accepted as a new mode of treatment for children with endstage liver disease with a dedicated team of cliniciens it is possible to meet the challenge of anaesthesia and surgery of LRLT succesfully with limited resources. The same is presented here below.

Basically the anaesthetic management of live related liver transplantation (LRLT) is similar to orthotopic liver transplantation and management of such cases were reported more than 2 decades ago. In developing nation like India it is challenging for an anaesthesiologist to do LRLT without latest equipment as generally transplant set up is equipped with cardiac, respiratory monitors, veno-venous bypass machine cell saver devices, rapid infusion devices and thromboelastograph. Despite using few of these monitors it is still possible to do LRLT, with dedication, commitment and concentration over long operative hours. In this article we would like to describe our initial experience and one of the few paediatric cases done in India.

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