7 de agosto de 2012

Innate Immune Dysfunction in Trauma Patients - From Pathophysiology to Treatmentg

Karim Asehnoune, Antoine Roquilly, Edward Abraham

Anesthesiology, V 117 - No. 2 - August 2012

Severe trauma is a leading cause of death in young healthy individuals. Despite significant advances in the fields of resuscitation and modern intensive care medicine, infection remains the most frequent cause of poor outcome in severely injured patients. Osborn et al. have demonstrated that sepsis, and particularly ventilator-associated pneumonia, were associated with a significant increase in mortality after severe trauma.1 In the same study, septic trauma patients also presented an increased intensive care unit length of stay as compared with patients without infection (21.8 vs. 4.7 days, P < 0.001). A marked depression of cell-mediated immune function, so-called “posttraumatic immunosupression", occurs after trauma and appears to contribute to poor clinical outcome.

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