10 de abril de 2012

Artigo recomendado: What next targets for anaesthesia safety?

François Clergue

Current Opinion in Anaesthesiology 2008, 21:360–362

Among the different medical specialties, anaesthesia is frequently identified as an example for its achievements in the field of safety: its efforts have permitted decreasing anaesthesia mortality by tenfold within the last decades, and stabilizing, or even decreasing, insurance premiums in most European or North American countries [1]. Our discipline can be proud of this achievement. Before setting new goals for anaesthesia safety, however, some important questions should be raised. What are the causes of the remaining deaths that can be identified in the last surveys?

Has the rate of anaesthesia-related nonlethal complications been decreased to levels as low as those obtained for anaesthesia mortality? Is it meaningful to pursue our progress in anaesthesia safety if similar advances are not obtained for the safety of surgery?

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