22 de dezembro de 2011

Artigo recomendado: Is it Possible to Measure and Improve Patient Satisfaction with Anesthesia?

Maurizia Capuzzo, MD, Raffaele Alvisi, MD

Anesthesiology Clin 26 (2008) 613–626

The anesthesiologist has many customers, with the patient being the most important. Despite that, most of the scientific literature is devoted only to assessing and managing objective outcomes, such as pain, nausea, and vomiting, whereas patient satisfaction is less often taken into account.1,2 This finding is surprising if one considers the great value given to the ‘‘customers’’ by other industries besides health care, which organize their activities around the customer.

Patient satisfaction with anesthesia depends on subjective patient values, and can be viewed as the indicator of the quality of anesthesia from the point of view of the patient.3 Patient satisfaction with anesthesia has not been widely investigated because of several reasons:

  • The analysis is complicated by the triangular relationship of the patient-clinicianorganization
  • Patient judgment is strongly affected by the final result, which depends on factors other than anesthesia (ie, surgery)
  • The single patient report of satisfaction appears as a subjective anecdote, which may be separate from quantifiable measurements of clinical outcomes (ie, incidence of sore throat)
  • Patient satisfaction is confounded and influenced by many known variables, and unknown variables, making its measurement even more difficult

Nevertheless, the difficult task of measuring and improving patient satisfaction with anesthesia does not mean it is an impossible task. 

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