6 de dezembro de 2011

Artigo recomendado: Injuries associated with anaesthesia. A global perspective

A. R. Aitkenhead

Br J Anaesth 2005; 95: 95–109

The anaesthetized patient is at risk of complications resulting from the actions, or inaction, of the anaesthetist, from the actions of the surgeon, and from failure or malfunction of anaesthetic equipment. The state of anaesthesia may be considered to be intrinsically unsafe. Patients are subjected to administration of drugs which have side-effects, particularly on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Unconsciousness carries with it risks of airway obstruction, soiling of the lungs, and inability to detect peripheral injury. Pharmacological muscle paralysis necessitates the use of artificial ventilation, making the patient dependent on the anaesthetist and his equipment for the fundamental functions of oxygenation and excretion of carbon dioxide. The anaesthetist may deliberately alter physiological functions, for example by inducing hypotension or ventilating only one lung.

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